Getting married in Mallorca
Congratulations for choosing to celebrate one of the most beautiful days in your life on Majorca.
As owner of the agency T'estim, I lend you my support at all times, with sophistication, passion for detail and much tactfulness: from the first plannings through to the actual wedding celebration on Majorca.
I care for making sure that your wedding becomes a splendid memorable experience. The options range from a intimate ceremony within the family circle to a spectacular event with many guests and all the luxuries.
I look forward to meeting you!
.... so that the most beautiful day in your life becomes just perfect!

You wish to celebrate your personal dream wedding on Majorca. I care for making sure that this day becomes a divine and memorable experience for you and your guests! By the optimal planning and the outworking of your individual wishes, your wedding will become the most beautiful day to start your conjugal life!
And you will not only enjoy the celebration, but all the time before too!

About T´estim

“Does something more beautiful exist, than being on hand with help and advice, for a happy couple in love who wants to plan the very special day?”

These were Christina von Hunnius (Schüller), thoughts when she started the agency T’estim, at the beginning of 2005. Meanwhile she can look back on many successful weddings and happy engaged couples.

As owner of the agency, she cares, with innovative ideas, passion for detail and a professional organisation, for making sure that every wedding she organizes for a couple becomes one of the most beautiful day in their lifes. Every wedding is individually planned and organised, because every ceremony is as unique as the bridal couples themselves.

Thanks to many years of experience on Majorca, as well as a very good knowledge of English and Spanish, Christina von Hunnius (Schüller), has established a notable network of locations, catering companies, florists, photographers and other providers, whose services and quality have convinced herself first.

Please feel as your own guest on your wedding and enjoy every single moment!



The planning of a wedding actually starts already long time before the proper ceremony and it requires plenty of time.
Everything starts with a concept and the design of a realisable plan that will conduce us to realize this unforgettable wedding that you always dreamed of.

During the complete planning phase, I am constantly at your disposal. I care for any little detail (reservation of church and priest, decoration, catering, photo- and videographers, musicians, styling, bridal car, transportation for guests, accomodation for you and your guests, childcare, arrange all appointments for tastings and meetings etc) and, with creativity and professionally, I implement your wishes and visions. At the proper wedding day, I am on site, as a matter of course, and I supervise that everything runs smoothly, to make sure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the celebration.

Should you be interested in a first free unbinding advice by phone or in person, I will be happy to call you or, if you are on Majorca, to meet you for a personal meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Weddings on Mallorca

Majorca becomes increasingly popular for bridal couples from all over Europe, who wish to celebrate their weddings at a special place – wether on a small or a big scale.

It is often the case that a part of the family and friends have to travel a rather long way, even if the wedding takes place in the own country. This is why many couples choose to get married on Majorca, not least because of the good accessibility from anywhere in Europe, and the attractive accommodation options in every price category.
Your family and friends may possibly take the opportunity to combine your wedding with some relaxed days on the island to escape from the daily routine, or even with their holidays.

Majorca offers plenty of highly diverse wedding locations. For all needs and tastes – wether in the interior of the island or directly next to the sea. The options range from a rental country house for small or mid-size groups, to a romantic finca hotel, a first-class luxurious hotel or a big event location. Wether you wish a rustic or an elegant celebration, a ceremony in a church or chapel, or barefoot on the beach, Majorca is for all tastes exactly the right place

There are diverse options to marry on Majorca:

Church marriage: There is the option to get married on Majorca, wether by a Catholic Father or a Protestant presbyter. For this purpose there are the wonderful churches and chapels available all over the island. Wether you wish a marriage in a small romantic chapel with sea view or in a sumptuous baroque church in Palma’s old town, or even in the Cathedral, everything is possible! In case of a Catholic marriage you have even the option to get the marriage approved by the registry office in your home country. As a matter of course, I am at your total disposal, should you need any support for the formalities!

Free marriage: Assuming that you have already been married or that you did not join the church, but you wish an individually designed ceremony of your romantic and formal marriage, then a free marriage gives you the chance both to choose the place (e.g., the beach or the garden of a private finca) and the program run of the celebration. Get married by a wedding orator in a totally personal ceremony! Let us design together your personal dream wedding! I care for your visions to become true.

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